Degreasers, Oil & Grease Emulsifiers

  1. Alkaline Degreasers
  2. Rig Wash Powder
  3. Rig Wash Liquid
  4. Oil Absorbent
  5. SolventDegreaser
  6. Oil Spill Dispersant


1) Alkaline Degreasers

This is a highly concentrated liquid degreaser which enables rapid penetration and removal of oil, grease, grime, dirt and stubborn stains. It is non-corrosive and hence does not attack metals. It cuts grease from industrial equipment and machineries, cleans walls and concrete floors. This chemical is also ideal as a kitchen hood cleaner and excellent as a bilge cleaner. It effectively removes grease from rig floors and superb for use in engine room of ship rigs.

2) Rig Wash Powder

A heavy duty powder degreaser which contains strong emulsifiers that can penetrate and dissolve ground-in dirt and grease that other cleansers fail to clean. Highly recommended for use in oil rigs, factodes, garages, service stations and workshops.

3) Rig Wash Liquid

A highly concentrated liquid degreaser which performs similar functions as our alkaline degreaser.

4) Oil Absorbent

A powder absorbent that helps to remove spillages of chemicals and all forms of liquid. Sprinkle generously onto spilled area and brush until solid residues are formed. Remove waste solid and rinse floor with plenty of water.

5) Solvent Degreaser

A powerful and very useful solvent-based degreaser. Safe to the environment due to its neutral pH value. This solvent degreaser is a chemical mostly used to clean heavy machineries like cranes, trucks, tractors and degreasing of engine parts and blocks. Also widely used in shipyards, oil rigs for degreasing of oil tanks, bilges and engine rooms.

6) Oil Spill Dispersant

This oil emulsifier has been developed for rapid dispersion of oil spills on land and sea. It emulsifies oil spills effectively and forms stable dispersion. Other uses include removal of oil spill in harbours, waterways and in the vicinity of offshore drilling platforms and airport runways.